The Regional Development Center’s CDR mission is to identify the players in the Lac St-Louis region with elite level playing potential and offer them training sessions to complement their development.

The “Centre de Developpement Regional” (CDR) is by invitation only. The scouting and identification process will be conducted by the ARS Lac St-Louis technical staff and in collaboration with the Technical Directors of the various clubs in the region. Please note that only players identified, recommended or approved by a Technical Director and by the Coordinator of the CDR program will be permitted to participate in the program. However, the ARS LSL reserves the right to modify the groups at any point in time.


    • Let the best players work and train together in order to help them reach the next level
    • Continue their development and quest for mastery under the guidance of qualified coaches
    • Create a learning environment that fosters individual development where the focus is on quality, work-ethic, discipline, and respect
    • Emphasize technical proficiency, mastery of technical-tactical concepts, and the knowledge of the principles of play

CDR Winter 2017 – 2018:

CDR ID Camps: 2017 – 2018 (Tryouts):

The ARS LSL CDR/PSR Identification Camps (Tryouts) will work in the following way: Only players invited by the ARS LSL Identification Coordinator and featured on the ID Camp lists (see below) are permitted to attend the tryouts.

Players invited to the ID Camps are NOT guaranteed three tryouts. Following every ID Camp, the ARS LSL technical staff will evaluate players and reduce the group lists. Players who make it to the second and third ID Camps will be invited formally by the Identification Coordinator:

  • ID Camp #1 (Sept. 23-24) – Only new invited players on the list.
  • ID Camp #2 (Sept. 3-Oct. 1) – Only players selected from ID Camp #1 (from Sept. 24) AND returning players from CDR 2016/17.
  • ID Camp #3 (Oct. 7-8) – Only players selected from ID Camp #2 (from Oct. 1).

Following these three tryouts dates, the ARS LSL tech staff will finalize the 2017-18 CDR Winter program groups.

2017/18 ID Camp (Tryout) Schedule

2017/18 (Girls) ID Camp List (Tryouts)
Group list U10F (2008) (pdf)
Group list U11F (2007) (pdf)
Group list U12F (2006) (pdf)

2017/18 (Boys) ID Camp List (Tryouts)

Group list U10M (2008) (pdf)
Group list U11M (2007) (pdf)
Group list U12M (2006) (pdf)



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